Webinar/Tutorial zur Papierlosen Fertigung (auf Englisch)

von  David Salamanek

Seal_signet_palo-300x103 Webinar/Tutorial zur Papierlosen Fertigung (auf Englisch)Unsere amerikanischen Kollegen führen am kommenden Dienstag, den 12. Dezember 2017, ein Webinar zum Thema Papierlose Fertigung durch. Darin erfahren Sie Folgendes:


In this brief 15 minute presentation, you’ll learn how to effectively bring SAP and SEAL digitally to your shop floor.

Paperless – or digital – production modernizes manufacturing processes for safer, more reliable, and faster work centers! Make the Digital Factory (Industry 4.0) a reality with the conversion of your production processes from paper to digital processes. With live data from your SAP system, connected directly to your plant floor personnel, up-to-date order information and processing are a breeze.

Find out how SEAL Systems innovates the shop floor work with order data, drawing, and multimedia information at the point of manufacturing. With live confirmation of parts milled, or scrap recovered, recording details about their work, employees are able to record changes, serial numbers and notes without having to login to complex systems or fill out forms by hand. If you provide your personnel and suppliers with documents electronically, paperless production (=PALO) streamlines the supply chain, and brings all information to each critical phase of the production and distribution workflow.


Wann? Dienstag, den 12. Dezember 2017, 18:00 Uhr
Dauer: 15 Minuten
Sprecher: Mike Hoffler, SAP Expert at SEAL Systems
Wo? https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6433527694396404483

Ihnen ist 18 Uhr zu spät? Registrieren Sie sich hier und wir schicken Ihnen im Nachgang den Link zur Aufzeichnung des Webinars!

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