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Time Monday, May 13, 2019 – Morning
Arrival and welcome coffee   
09:00 Welcome by Johannes Hesel   
PALO in Action – Do you want to listen to a presentation or do you want to work hands on with PALO to build a LEGO model? If you want the latter, join the session and have fun. How to work with Frozen Master packages in OwnCloud? Project engineers will learn to find the right installation package and the hotfix for a show stopper at her customer. Software engineers get a guideline, how to build perfect packages for installation, hotfix and new features; and beyond that, where to put these packages in OwnCloud. The COM development has been in an agile transformation process since September 2018. We report on the consequences of such a decision, the experiences we have made and the current status of this transition.
Target group: All Target group: Project engineers, system developers Target group: All
Frank Reuter. Room: Bankettsaal Michael Dotterweich, Gerhard Leykam. Room: Galeriesaal Robert Bintig, Thomas Tikwinski. Room: Leibl
10:30 Coffee break    
Project management is the art of making things happen. Imagine a world, where a project management involves balancing trade-offs between cost, time, and scope. In that world, it also involves communicating with stakeholders, influencing without authority, tracking and reporting status, tuning and pruning processes, and driving execution. Project management includes managing risks and issues. It also includes telling and selling the vision to get buy-in and support. Sounds clear & logically? Let’s have a deeper inside, what that probably means for SEAL Systems & let us take that journey together. With the G-Suite, Google provides an Office Suite that creates completely new possibilities for working together through the cloud. At the same time, this creates new challenges for document processes in the company. We show what our solution looks like and how we got there. PLOSSYS 5 is on its way to the customer. Therefore configuring this product becomes more important with every installation. But new environments (Cloud) push the current configuration tool easyPRIMA to its limits, so a new tool is required. SEAL thought bigger and designed an open framework for building configuration tools for any product.
Target group: All. Target group: All Target group: Project engineers, systems developers, sales
Doris Scherer, Marcus König. Room: Galeriesaal Daniel Haberkorn, Wolfgang Lang. Room: Bankettsaal. Carlos Schramer. Room: Leibl
BCS is more than just a time recording tool. We'll show you what BCS can do to help you with project management. Safran, an international high-technology group in Aircraft industry was an old DMS Repro and SAP conversion server customer. Last year they decided to migrate their SAP spool Output Management System Dazel and their forms Management tool jetform/codesoft to SEAL and lasernet. Discover about sales and project challenges On the basis of a customer project we show a possibility for the use of Cloud Printing based on the upcoming IPP infrastructure functions of PLOSSYS 5 and the IPP Gateway in interaction with Windows Servers, SAP and PLOSSYS 4.
Target group: Project engineers, system developers. Target group: All Target group: Project engineers, system developers, sales
Thomas Reusch, Marcus König. Room: Leibl Saïd EL Morabiti. Room: Bankettsaal Florian Seidenspinner, Michael Scherer. Galeriesaal
12:30 Lunch break
Time Monday – Afternoon
Join us for a discussion on how SEAL Systems US came very close to losing their first large-scale COM customer, and how PLOSSYS 5 and the SEAL Systems AG COM team came in to save the day. Learn how the team was able to split the environment between P4 for SAP PM and P5 for SAP Spool and Windows Printing, and implement a new P5 landscape while retaining all device config in easyPRIMA. Everyone is talking about agility, about Scrum and about these new methods making everything better. But what exactly would this mean for the project business of SEAL Systems AG - especially in times when even long-time customers come around the corner with the desire to become agile? Is that even possible? In our presentation, we compare both approaches, using a concrete customer project as an example. We will compare and evaluate the classic and agile approaches and show how agile project management could look like in such a project We will demonstrate how you can connect SAP and SharePoint with SEAL Solutions and how the complete process can look like from a user and admin perspective.
Target group: All Target group: System developers, project engineers, sales Target group: All
Steve Blesch, Rainer Walther, Jörg Fehling. Room: Galeriesaal Robert Bintig, Karsten Poerschke. Room: Bankettsaal Tobias Mulzer, Lars Palitzsch. Room: Leibl
Team collaboration, status updates, task ownership, scheduling and time tracking are the key factors to any well-run project. Join Chris to see and learn how the SEAL Inc Project team is utilizing online tools to manage projects and overcome this difficult challenge! Continuation (part II) of lecture (204) Travel report: my motorcycle tour alone through Indonesias untouched areas: Bali – Lombok – Sumbawa – Komodo – Flores.
Target group: Project engineers Target group: System developers, project engineers, sales Target group: All
Chris Milburn. Room: Leibl Robert Bintig, Karsten Poerschke. Room: Bankettsaal Elke Siller. Room Galeriesaal
15:00 Preparation for Dragon Boat Tour
16:00 Dragon Boat Estimated finish: 18:30
19:00 Dinner   and Coming together
  Tuesday, May 14 – Morning
3D Master is on everyone's lips with our engineering customers: a task in PLM. The development takes place completely in 3D. 2D If available at all, it is only derived from 3D. Now we don't focus on real PLM, but we have recently developed some solutions that allow our customers to save the necessary 2D world or make the 3D world more manageable:
"Simplified drawing" purges overburdened 2D representations and leaves the data in PLM. We visualize it: Signature page 2.0
"Drawingless construction": we automate the extraction of 2D representations (sections, views, text fields) from the 3D master.
"3D PDF with multiple parts lists": Users can navigate simultaneously in the construction part, the SAPBOM and graphically in the 3D PDF.
"Spare parts catalog": directly from the already existing 3D PDF neutral files.
All this can be sold more than once (sales) and project engineers can also present it to their customers (project engineers).
Projects with complex requirements (presentation of the JetAviation and Bombardier customer project)

Agile development / implementation of projects

Challenges and Experiences Specification / Development / Tests.
After several years of wrestling with an on-premises build pipeline comprising Jenkings, vCloud and Vagrant, we took a decision in 2018 to move our entire build infrastructure to the public cloud. This talk (which is going to be also given at the Developer Week Conference this year) presents the new Build Pipeline and the results we have managed to achieve.
Target group: All Target group: All Target group: System developers
Uwe Wächter. Room: Galeriesaal Dirk Gasche, Lothar Hermann, Thomas Lagies. Room: Bankettsaal Thomas Tikwinski. Room: Leibl
Based on various customer projects you will learn how the digital signature is used by our customers and how it looks like for end-users. You get insights to technical components we use for integrating digital signature capabilities. The projects are AOK, Bobst, Diehl and Uhlmann Packaging. A few years ago we won the international SAP consulting company itelligence as partner for SAP and CPS solutions. Meanwhile we have done several international projects with itelligence Norway & Germany. The presentation shows the story of our cooperation and the daily work between these two companies. Within the last two years a new process of writing and building the documentation has been established. In this presentation we will show, how we integrated the documentation into our continuous delivery and agile process. We also demonstrate the new concept of error messages and their integration in a SEAL Systems internal knowledge base.

Dojo: How can I contribute to the documentation?
Target group: All Target group: All Target group: System developers, project engineers
Thomas Reusch, Torsten Pfeiffer, Daniel Haberkorn. Room: Galeriesaal Matthias Müller. Room: Bankettsaal Anja Danzer-Etschel, Michael Scherer. Room: Leibl
10:00 Coffee break    
The digital transformation is happening now and does not slow down. This presentation introduces the possibilities of Office 365. Its about what tools we’ll have available in the future to increase team productivity. How we can make communication simple and transparent and share information and knowledge within the company is another aspect of designing our digital workplace of the future. In the past months new Apps have been created on the basis of the SEAL Operator at breathtaking speed. This presentation introduces the platform, the currently available solutions and outlines possibilities for further development. You will learn what has changed product- and project-wise and how we handle licensing for S/4 HANA. In addition we present experiences from selected S/4 HANA projects.
Target group: All Target group: All Target group: SAP project engineers, sales
Telekom/Orbit. Room: Galeriesaal Wolfgang Lang, Thomas Tikwinski. Room: Leibl Lars Palitzsch. Room: Bankettsaal
Continuation (part II) of lecture (108). SEAL Operator goes to replace PLM Interfaces, which was implemented with NWC technique until now. Learn more about challenges and planned solutions. Linde Engineering builds tanks for technical gases which have configurable customer specific variants like we know it from cars. To supply all customers from Linde with a documentation that fits to all configurations, the CAD-drawings contain all possible variants as layers, which looks a bit confusing. The solution from SEAL gets all configured materials from the SAP customer order, which are processed in a DPF-Workflow to make only the exactly fitting layers from the scheme drawing visible, and creates automatically a customer specific documentation.

Bauer AG: From UniPlot to PLOSSYS SAP structure explosion with cover sheet, stamping, scaling. Sounds like boring standard work, but isn't at all. Special requests like the flip-book effect have been realized thanks to our flexible SAP and PLOSSYS software. The customer is thrilled.

DÜRR AG: Preparation of a product data sheet using SEAL processes and the cosima editorial system.
Target group: All Target group: All Target group: All
Telekom/Orbit. Room: Galeriesaal Lothar Hermann. Room: Leibl Markus Heinzel, Andreas Horndasch, Klaus Kühnl. Room: Bankettsaal
12:00 Lunch time
  Tuesday – Afternoon
This presentation will cover the US perspective on 2019 marketing trends. Top topics will include LinkedIn’s expanding marketing tools, the rise of video marketing, and how a company’s content is “king” Manual testing is tedious and error prone. Manual regression testing is worse. For any UI that runs in a browser, Selenium is a useful testing library that can automate UI tests, eliminating the tedium, reducing the errors, and allowing regression testing to be run for every change. We created UI tests for object creation in Teamcenter using Active Workspace. This allows us to confirm that create stylesheets are correct and that objects can be successfully created. With variable data supplied by properties files, they should extend to any type available. Selenium has libraries for Java, C#, Ruby, Python, and Javascript. Exciting information about SAP forms, their technologies and Adobe Document Services. How can we integrate Mindforms know-how into our SAP projects? USPs of Mindforms and partnership with SEAL.
Target group: All Target group: System developers, project engineers Target group: Project eingineers, sales
Catherine O'Toole, David Salamanek. Galeriesaal Tricia Crichton, Chandu Narayan Jerry Girke, Mindforms. Room: Leibl
Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry. Specifications, design and manufacturing activities require millions of documents, which are exchanged between the different actors.
Aerospace Products Life Cycle is more than one century, and companies must assume a high level of responsibility. It’s why document quality and archiving are sensitive issues for Airbus.
We will explain how the SEAL Systems team was able to answer Airbus strong corporate conversion server requirements after years of sales and technical discussions.
Now that Pako is known by many of you, we want to use this slot to deepen our daily work with Pako. We want to take up and treat your questions and suggestions in an open discussion round. This includes the coverage as well as the delimitation of the whole process. We will show how customer projects benefit from Pako using current examples. "Everything is connected with everything" therefore "many ways lead to Rome" but "It is not all gold that glitters". In addition to wise sayings, this lecture gives you an overview of the topic of digital output channels, highlights their strengths and weaknesses and shows ideas for the further development of our solutions.
Target group: All Target group: Project engineers Target group: All
Sebastien Legru, Said EL Morabiti, Peter Kirchgeßner. Room: Leibl Lothar Hermann, Thomas Lagies. Room: Bankettsaal Wolfgang Lang, Frank Reuter, Alexander Zabold. Room: Kleiner Saal
14:45 Coffee break    
Large corporations are often organized on a decentralized basis. Especially for corporations with many small locations, a decentralized system landscape often becomes expensive and complex. What can we do at locations with low bandwidth? How can we save infrastructure costs in such scenarios? The "Direct Print" concept is our answer to printing not only "serverless" but also "driverless". The search engine of SharePoint can be a powerful tool with some additional background knowledge. From "Click Click Click Click..." and "I know where it is" to "I just need an approximate search term". But how exactly does this work and how do I influence my content so that it can be found by others?. A picture says more than 1,000 words... and a film contains 1,000 pictures. I'll show you how to create a small film with simple means. For customers to illustrate complicated operating steps of our software (PE), for the visual distribution of lectures or webinars (marketing) or for the automation of lectures (sales). We will have a look at how to create film snippets: from webinar, camera, powerpoint or screenshot. Then these are cut to size, assembled, sound adjusted and a trailer placed in front of it. We do all this with Camtasia: Not as powerful as Adobe Premiere, but sufficient for our applications.
Target group: All Target group: All Target group: Sales, project engineers, marketing
Alexander Zabold. Room: Leibl Thomas Lagies. Room: Galeriesaal Uwe Wächter. Room: Bankettsaal
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