Partnership between SEAL Systems and ITINERIS

von  David Salamanek

Logo-Itineris Partnership between SEAL Systems and ITINERISWe have started our partnership with SEAL Systems back in 2003 when we were implementing one of the first SAP PLM projects in Brazil. At that time we delivered a comprehensive solution to convert AutoCAD files to PDF with stamping data pulled from metada, fully integrated with SAP DMS.

After this first endeavor, we have applied the Seal Systems solutions in different companies, branches and scenarios. Our largest project here in Brazil was the implementation of CAD drawing conversion and printing for a large Industrial Machinery and Components Company. Today they rely on more than 10 Servers running different sets of CAD systems and converters, besides the PLOSSYS printing solution. All this running from Brazil but serving companies and subsidiaries across the globe.

As SAP PLM is still untouched by many customers here in Brazil we see a good scenario ahead and we expect that new empty spaces for SEAL Systems solutions will be created.

Itineris is an IT service provider specialized in SAP PLM and EH&S solutions. We provide our customers with high quality services always working to deliver the best solution to each specific case.


Alex-Itineris-297x300 Partnership between SEAL Systems and ITINERISJulio-Itineris-300x298 Partnership between SEAL Systems and ITINERISAlex Dalaqua,  PLM & EHS Specialist |

Julio Carneiro, Company Owner |




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